Rock it with Tai

Many people have dreams about their future but settle for something less. Whether they need a paycheck or dependability some give up on their dreams without even trying to achieve their goals. While this works for some, there are others that would break away from what they think they need to do to do what they wanted if they had the courage to make changes. The Tai Lopez The 67 Steps video course was created by a self-made entrepreneur. Lopez wants people to learn to balance their health, wealth and social life. Each of the 67 steps included in the series is created by Lopez and illustrated with pictures, wisdom, and experience. The hope is that participating in this self-improvement course will help you make decisions that will help you achieve the good life (what Tai Lopez calls eudaimonia).

Who is Tai Lopez?

If you’re considering this video course to improve your life or gain insight into how to develop independence and confidence to become an entrepreneur, you’ll want to know who Tai Lopez is. Tai Lopez is a real person. He’s not perfect. He’s experienced both failure and success in his life. He is not one of the elite 1% and has worked his way up from the bottom to be the founder of a $20M business. Mr. Lopez dropped out of college, worked at GE Capital, and owned a nightclub in Hollywood in the past. After years of hustle and incorporating his 67 steps into his life, Lopez went on to become a founder, speaker, investor, and mentor. Now that he has achieved success and owns a flashy black Lamborghini, Lopez still works hard. He handles the responsibilities mentioned above, hosts a podcast, and has an active YouTube channel with more advice about how to achieve a good life.

What to Expect from Tai Lopez The 67 Steps?

When you order the Tai Lopez The 67 Steps course, you will be on your way to learning how to balance your life. Specifically wealth, health, and social commitments. As the title of the course suggests, there are 67 steps required to achieve the good life. It’s possible that every step may not apply to your life. It’s even more possible that you will choose one or two steps to conquer at a time. By tackling each aspect of the the course, you will feel stronger and more capable of making better decisions. Some of the most talked about lessons in The 67 Steps course include:

Being Worth It


Staying Humble

Ignoring opinions of those that don’t matter

Refusing to stop learning

Choosing your tribe


Taking action

There are many other lessons in the course and not everyone who reads these lessons will interpret them the same. What the Tai Lopez The 67 Steps does do is get people thinking, taking action, and bettering their lives. No matter how you interpret the course, it will increase your positivity and help you make better decisions. If you’re ready to change your mindset and open your eyes to what your life could be like, it’s time to invest in this self-improvement guide.

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